SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – The state might have money for you that you don’t even know about. Now it wants to make it easier for you to get it. The state has about 330 million dollars in unclaimed property. The state’s holding onto some pretty interesting items. 

“We receive everything from antique weapons, you know, guns and knives. We have a gold bar that has been the subject of news coverage and, I think, a few lawsuits. It’s been impossible thus far for anyone to prove that they are the rightful owner of that,” Stephanie Schardin Clarke, the Secretary for the Taxation and Revenue Department said.

Now you can use a new website to search for unclaimed property, including but not limited to money, uncashed checks, payroll checks, safe deposit box contents, credit balances, and more. Property often ends up abandoned after a death or when people move or change jobs.

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The Taxation and Revenue department safeguards it until the rightful owner claims it. Most of the property is held electronically in a bank – but the department has secure storage for tangible items.

The department’s secretary is hopeful this new website will help connect people with their assets. “It’s a large amount, and it tends to grow each year. Each year, we can match about $12 to $14 million of property to the rightful owner. But we receive more than $30 million in an average year. So the amount that we’re holding is always growing,” said Schardin Clarke.

The average amount of property from each claim is about one hundred dollars – but it can vary. Last year the state returned about 14 million dollars in unclaimed property. If you find property that is owed to you – you can file a claim. You will need certain documentation to get it.