NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Are you awaiting any special Thanksgiving dishes this year? According to Campbell’s State of the Sides Report, New Mexico has a common favorite. 

Campbell’s collected Thanksgiving data from all 50 states and declared state favorites out of eight side dish options.  

Before we discuss those favorites, let’s share some statistics gathered by Cambell’s. 

Over ⅔ of people prefer side dishes, and ⅔ of people think side dishes are a way to express cultural heritage during Thanksgiving. More than half of Americans are celebrating a Friendsgiving this year.

Five side dishes is the average in an American Thanksgiving dinner, and 18% of people said they think there should be more plant-based dishes.

Now, let’s get into the top dishes. 

According to the data, New Mexicans favor mashed potatoes, and they aren’t alone. Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, Kentucky, West Virginia, Michigan, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Hampshire also picked the food as their No. 1 side. 

New Mexico’s neighbors that weren’t mentioned above had different picks. Colorado likes bread, and Arizona prefers root vegetable dishes. 

Overall, mashed potatoes took the No. 1 spot for America, and last year, it was No. 2. It swapped places with last year’s No. 1, which was stuffing. At least 10 states chose stuffing as their top dish.

Macaroni and cheese is an honorable mention, as it placed No. 3 and wasn’t even in the top five choices last year. Five states, not including ties, picked mac and cheese for their top dish.

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