NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – News 13 spoke to a New Mexican who is Palestinian and shared what his family in Palestine is experiencing as war continues in the region. Jadd Mustafa said it is a tragic situation for all of those impacted by the Israel-Hamas conflict. “I’m sad for both sides and all the innocent lives that are going to be lost and have already been lost,” said Mustafa.

Most of his family lives in the West Bank, which is separated geographically from Gaza, which is at the center of the violence. He said it is a scary time for them and they share their fears that the violence will continue. They tell him they are safe but can hear the sounds of war clearly. “Any sounds of bombs that take place being shot from Gaza or shot down at Gaza are still audible and you can hear it from really any part of the country,” said Mustafa.

He said the situation is complex, “It’s got a lot of history rooted in it and everyone has their right to an opinion on what occurs over there.”

Although Mustafa and his family expect the conflict to escalate, they are hopeful for peace. “I think that de-escalation is something that Palestinians especially my family and friends are really hoping for,” said Mustafa.

He acknowledged that the problems leading to the violence are deep-rooted and added that Palestinians in Gaza suffer the most under Hamas military rule and the actions of those military leaders don’t represent the majority. “The civilians on both sides are really the ones who are going to be feeling or are feeling the true impact of leadership’s decision,” said Mustafa.

Mustafa said he plans to visit Palestine in the coming months to be with his family and assist in humanitarian efforts.