NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – New Mexico Filmmakers, who worked with Canela Media, have released a three-part series “Between Borders” which looks at three main characters involved in the immigration process. “Growing up on both sides of the border, we have firsthand experiences with this familiar narrative. Our friends, family members, and colleagues have faced or are currently experiencing immigration issues. It is our duty to share their stories, and partnering with Canela Media provides a platform to reach audiences who resonate with these stories,” said writer and executive and New Mexico native Julian Nuñez in a press release.

The production included filmmakers, actors, and crew members from multiple locations including Las Cruces, El Paso, Juarez, and Mexico City. The series won Best Feature Film at the 2023 Mexican American Film & TV Festival and Best Web Series at the New York International Film Awards and the Florence Film Festival. The series can be viewed for free at Canela Media’s website.