TAOS, N.M. (KRQE) – Two new housing developments are coming to Taos, including one that would bring new life to a more than 70-year-old building. Earlier this month, the town of Taos Planning and Zoning Commission approved 119 new housing units.

“Sun God Lodge has been in need of some investment for a long, long time,” said Commissioner Herbert Foster. Starting with the Sun God Lodge, the goal is to revamp the old lodge built in the 1950s, which hasn’t seen any renovation work in nearly 30 years.

“I’ve been looking to see that property become something other than an eye sore for some time,” said Chairman Norbert Mondragon.

The lodge will be turned into 38 apartments with low-flush toilets and low-electricity appliances. Despite those new additions, Commissioner Foster thinks more sustainability options can be added to the design, like the use of solar panels. “Hoping maybe in the code or in the commission we can somehow raise the bar,” said Foster.

Rent for the apartment would hover around $1,500.

The other project would create 81 single-family homes off of Salazar Road in Taos. “The less than market-rate housing development we so desperately need,” said Mark Yaravitz.

The units won’t be classified as affordable housing but instead as workforce housing, eliminating the need for an HOA to keep prices low. “This will just be town of Taos streets, town of Taos utilities, and just a regular neighborhood,” said Yaravitz.

While the project sounds like a great opportunity.. “the housing market in Taos is in dire straights,” said Yaravitz.

Not everyone is convinced it will be affordable, especially once a renter gets inside. “How are you going to do that and provide for that price point that you are looking for without some sort of subsidiary?” asked Foster.

The application places each home at least $150,000 under marker value, to give first-time homeowners a chance. “We are setting this up to be cost-cutting on every level,” said Yaravitz.

The commission says this will be a long process. The development off Salazar Road is expected to be finished in multiple phases over the next four to eight years. So far, there is no timeline for the Sun Dog Lodge renovations.