SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Meow Wolf’s Santa Fe location has opened a new room in their “House of Eternal Return.” The art and entertainment company has partnered with artists and activist Edie Fake for a new installation called “Catacomber’s All-Ways.”

According to a Meow Wolf press release, the installation is a labyrinthian hallway comprised of 35 floor-to-ceiling panels painted with geometric design. Fake’s intention was to create a disorienting effect using two cameras, mirrors, and video screens throughout the space.

The release states Fake’s work examines issues of trans identity and “queer space” using architecture and ornamentation. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and his comic collection “Gaylord Phoenix” won the 2011 Ignotz Award for Outstanding Graphic Novel.

“We regularly add new art to the exhibition so it’s different every time our guests visit,” said Susan Garbett, General Manager of Meow Wolf Santa Fe. “Edie’s work is a perfect fit for us in both ethos and the physical artwork. We’d been waiting for the right artist to evolve this particular room into a maximal, over-the-top color explosion. Edie certainly delivered.”

The new installation is currently open to the public.