CARLSBAD, N.M. (KRQE) – There’s been a new and really cool discovery deep in Carlsbad Caverns. A pool was found recently in the Lechuguilla Cave. Officials say the edges beneath the pool appear to be pool fingers which could be bacterial colonies that have evolved entirely without human presence. They say it was part of an exploration in October when a team was allowed to go beyond what’s known as the Lake of Liquid Sky which was discovered back in 1993.

They say the team took special precautions to ensure no contaminant was introduced into the pools. The last big discovery in the Caverns was back in 2013 when two explorers found a 100 by a 100-foot room filled with thousands of bat bones and fallen formation. It’s called Halloween Hall and is nearly 250 feet above the Cavern floor There are 118 known caves at the park with much more likely undiscovered.