NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The woman arrested for last week’s alleged kidnapping turned deadly crash on I-25 is scheduled to make her first court appearance Tuesday. New court documents reveal more about the day of the crash.

Jeannine Jaramillo was arrested Saturday and charged with murder for the deaths of Officer Robert Duran and retired firefighter Frank Lovato. The two were killed when police say Jaramillo lied about being kidnapped by a man armed with a knife and then led on a wrong-way chase on I-25 in a stolen car.

Police say it all started at the Vizcaya Apartments off Sawmill Rd. in Santa Fe at 11:06 a.m. March 2, when a female driver of a Chevy Malibu asked a person in the parking lot for help and to call 911, saying a man in her car was armed with a knife and wouldn’t get out.

Within eight minutes, officers spot that vehicle and a chase begins. After evading officers through neighborhoods, the driver gets on I-25 in the wrong direction and that chase comes to a deadly end just miles down the road.

Court documents reveal that Frank Lovato, who was in the pick-up truck had just avoided a head-on crash with the stolen car and the lead deputy on the chase but could not avoid a head-on crash with officer Robert Duran.

Jaramillo did sideswipe another vehicle, but she was only left with a broken arm from the impact.

When questioned, police say Jaramillo told them the man in the passenger seat was Mark Lopez. Jaramillo said she had been dating him for a few months, but she couldn’t provide a phone number or identifying information. She also claimed he poured gasoline over her and threatened to light her on fire.

Police say ultimately DNA and evidence from the vehicle prove Jeannine Jaramillo was the only one in the vehicle that day.