NAVAJO NATION (KRQE) – Organizers from the Dine Skate Garden Project and GRLSWIRL are working together to host the first women-run sporting event on the Navajo Nation Reservation. Featuring girls from all ages, the Modern Matriarch Skate Jam will feature competitors showing off their skills in skateboarding.

Competitors will be judged on style and performance. Organizers say it’s more than just coming together for the young women to compete, but the event is designed to help empower them to realize their abilities. “We know it’s a transformative sport, if we can just get them involved it’s really great for their mental health and wellness so that’s really our focus is kind of just bringing together community from all areas of our skate community,” said Deal.

The entire competition won’t just be limited to girls from the Navajo Nation. “I’m hoping to get all competitors from maybe a 50 mile radius and that like Zuni, that’s Pueblo, Apache in addition to Navajo nation,” said Deal.

Event leaders are also planning to provide an area for health screenings. They said it’s been a lot of work over the summer between community members and organizers to develop the idea but they said it’s worth it. The event kicks off on Saturday, September 23, at Two Grey Hills Skate Park near Newcomb, New Mexico, south of Shiprock. Organizers said the ultimate goal is to make this an annual event.