NAVAJO NATION (KRQE) – A Navajo Nation company is making a name for itself in the baby food market. Bidii Baby Foods is creating traditional indigenous products.

“We wanted to increase food access while also combating food insecurity for the Navajo Nation,” said Bidii Baby Foods Founder Zach Ben. 

Zach Ben created Bidii Baby Foods after his son was born, and he realized his baby food options were limited, especially on the reservation. 

He said approximately 25% of families in the Navajo Nation don’t have electricity and can’t easily store food. 

“The Navajo Nation experiences really high levels of food insecurity. In some reports, it’s actually measured that three in four Navajo families are affected by some level of food insecurity,” said Tumbleweed Nutrician LLC Dietician Denee Bex. 

This inspired Ben to use indigenous crops in his products including corn, squash, and melons. He also uses traditional processing methods.  

His company has also partnered with Farmington Municipal Schools to use some of their products in meals for students from pre-k through high school. 

Bidii also provides mentoring to help other Navajo farmers become more independent. He hopes by building up the community of farmers, food scarcity will become a thing of the past. 

Bidii Baby Foods recently received the “Heart of the Land” award for its efforts. 

“We’re combating that by growing our own food, being self-sustainable, self-sufficient, and building intergenerational wealth by using our natural resources at home,” explained Ben. 

Bidii Baby Foods is currently mentoring 10 high school and college students in the Navajo Nation. 

The baby food products are available online