NAVAJO NATION (KRQE) – Next time you check the mail, keep your eyes peeled. The work of a Navajo artist is now being featured by the Postal Service on a special new stamp. 

“It’s been great. I’ve had people send postcards. I’ve made postcards to, you know, people in my community,” explained multidisciplinary artist, Di’Orr Greenwood. 

It’s a historic honor for Navajo artist Di’Orr Greenwood. She’s been designing skateboards since she was 11. Her work is now featured on a U.S. postage stamp. Greenwood said it all started back in 2020 when a Postal Service art director offered her an opportunity of a lifetime. 

“I didn’t think much of it at first, and I really and truthfully thought I was getting scammed,” said Greenwood. 

Not knowing what to believe, she sent her art off for review. 

“It turned out to be something authentic, and we’re here, three years down the road, and the Navajo Nation has their first-ever artist featured on a stamp,” said Greenwood. 

The historic honor for the 27-year-old is showcased on one of four, new “forever” stamps. Each stamp celebrates the unique work of skateboarders-turned-artists. Greenwood’s design is inspired by the morning and evening star, something she said is monumental to the Diné people. 

Greenwood is the first known Navajo artist featured on a stamp. While Native American art has been widely featured on stamps in the past, Greenwood explained none of it has ever been credited to the original artist until now. 

“They weren’t allowed to be proud of everything that I’m putting on display on a postage stamp today. We [Diné] are still very alive. We are still very here, and we are thriving as Diné people,” stated Greenwood. 

Greenwood’s skateboard, and the others featured in the stamps, will be put on display with the Smithsonian National Postal Museum later this year.