NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The MVD is rolling out new options to help customers conduct business without having to visit an office. Friday, the division announced senior drivers, aged 79 and older, can now renew their licenses online, something that previously had to do in person.

Now, if they submit their license information and vision test results on the website, they can complete the process remotely. MVD says it’s a way to limit the number of people visiting offices during the pandemic while protecting the community’s most vulnerable population.

“COVID has definitely made us think outside the box and think, how can we service our customers in the best way possible? So some of these initiatives did come out of COVID, like this one for customers 79 years and older,” said MVD Deputy Director Gerasimos Razatos.

There are also other remote options coming soon including self-serve kiosks for conducting MVD transactions, expected to roll out in December or January. The division is also working on making title transfers available remotely. New Mexican can still complete regular license renewals and registrations online as well.