JEMEZ SPRINGS (KRQE) – Police said a mountain lion was behind a string of attacks on dogs in a New Mexico village.

Manolito Sanchez’s 9-year-old yellow lab Charlie was attacked by a mountain lion outside of his home in Jemez Springs. The barking was so loud it caught the attention of Sanchez’s cousin.

“He said, ‘it’s a mountain lion; it’s in the corner’, and I still didn’t see Charlie, so I was freaked out,” said Sanchez.

He grabbed his flashlight and went looking for his dog, and he couldn’t believe what he saw.

“So, I ran around the corner, and I saw them in the corner, and the mountain lion had a hold of him from behind and were kinda laying down on the grass and just ran to them, and I yelled real loud and put my hands up,” said Sanchez.

Charlie escaped and ran home. Sanchez rushed him to an animal hospital in Algodones.

“He’s doing good; he’s on two antibiotics, two pain meds, and he’s doing really well. Every day, we see an improvement his wounds seem to be healing really good,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez’s cousin shot and killed the mountain lion that night.

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According to Jemez Springs Police Chief Felix Nunez, three dogs were attacked by that same mountain lion, one of the dogs had to be put down, and another is still missing. Charlie is likely the only survivor.

Charlie is expected to make a full recovery. The man who shot the mountain lion won’t be facing any charges.