HOBBS, N.M. (KRQE) – The Hobbs teen accused of throwing her newborn in the dumpster called 911 months earlier, claiming her boyfriend at the time had assaulted her. That boyfriend is the same teen who she identifies as the baby’s father. Alexis Avila made a 911 call on June 12, 2021, for assault.

Avila: “Get the f*** away from me.”
Dispatcher: “Communication authority this is Paul speaking.”
Avila: “Hi, this is Alexis Avila and I’m calling for assault.

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Avila is accused of throwing her newborn baby boy in a dumpster behind a mall last Friday. She claims she didn’t know she was pregnant until the day before the birth. Seven months earlier, Avila was at Club La Sierra where she claims her then 16-year-old boyfriend hit her. The couple returned to Avila’s home where her mom also called 911.

Dispatch: “Communication authority, this is Erika.”
Martha: “Hi Erika, this is Martha. I need a police officer…”

The call then takes a quick turn. According to her mother, Alexis loses control.

Martha: “Well, my daughter was at a Quince and apparently her boyfriend hit her, punched her in the face, and her cousin and the boyfriend or friend or whatever got into a fight. And if he did punch her, then I want to press charges.”

Soon you hear the boyfriend in the background being questioned about what happened at the club with Avila’s friend. Police noted on their report that the friend whose finger was allegedly broken was at the hospital. Hobbs Police say once the officer arrived and obtained statements, no criminal charges were filed. Avila told police, after her arrest for dumping her baby, that she and her boyfriend broke up around August. That would have been two months after the 911 call.