People have a lot of questions about New Mexico, and if you search the internet you’ll find the most common one doesn’t paint the Land of Enchantment in the best light. 

Locals say New Mexico is known for a lot of good things and were surprised by the most googled question: Is New Mexico safe?

Locals say it’s pretty obvious what New Mexico is known for. “First and foremost is known for green chile and red chile,” says Neal Wenderlich.

Albuquerque business owners say it’s one of the first things locals and tourists alike ask about when they step into their stores. “The food, of course, there’s not a state in the union that has food like New Mexico. It’s very unique,” says Steve Palmisano. 

But on Google, food isn’t the first thing people are asking about. According to Google, the top question people have about New Mexico is, “Is it safe?”

“I think there’s some popular culture that shows New Mexico in not necessarily a safe light,” Wenderlich says. 

Locals were pretty quick to defend the Land of Enchantment, but they aren’t oblivious to the crime around them. “We have our ups and downs if you look at statistical data,” says Kristen Lord. 

“There’s crime and there’s issues in every other city or every state in the country New Mexico has its share but we are working on it,” says Palmisano.
Among the other top questions on Google: What’s the best city to live in? What’s the safest city to live in? What are common jobs? 

Some think people asking about safety is a good thing, and wonder if more people are considering a change of scenery. 

“There must be a lot of people wanting to move to New Mexico if the algorithm is pushing that question all the way to the top,” says Palmisano.

Albuquerque’s mayor and the governor have put a big focus recently on tackling the city’s crime problem. KRQE News 13 reached out to them to get their reaction, but have not heard back.

Other top questions were, “What is New Mexico known for?” and “Why is New Mexico called New Mexico?”