SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – He’s become quite the star in the state. Marty the Moose has been spotted all over Northern New Mexico, and now, you’ll be able to spot him on a t-shirt near you.

He has quickly become a recognizable face in the state, a bull moose, nicknamed “Marty the Moose” by New Mexicans, has been traveling the landscape of northern New Mexico and making his way south.

According to Game and Fish, this same moose was spotted last year in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Last month, he was seen in Tesuque and was later captured in Downtown Santa Fe for relocation. A week later, he was spotted again in Abiquiu.

With so much traction and love for Marty online, a Santa Fe family just had to do something about it.

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“Throughout my whole life here in New Mexico, I’ve never seen no moose or heard about anywhere else, and it was just so sudden that Marty came, and he made an uproar here in New Mexico. Everyone loved him, I feel like,” said Eric Avila with H&A Embroidery.

The Avila family with H&A Embroidery in Santa Fe embraced that uproar. They have designed, and are now selling, Marty the Moose merchandise.

They have a goal of bringing the community together, and they said Marty is doing just that.

“Social media, it helps, you know, bring more people together, and it piques people’s interest,” said Tuesday Avila, “People are very fascinated about him.”

As for where Marty is now, Facebook fans believe he may be near Española. However, as Game and Fish has said before, take your pictures from a distance.

“I cannot stress enough that he is a wild animal, and that he we should stay away from him, and we should look at, you know, Game and Fish’s recommendations if you encounter him and stuff like that,” said Tuesday.

Coming up on KRQE’s New Mexico News Podcast, we will have an in-depth look into where Marty came from and why he may be sticking around. That will air on Tuesday, October 24.

If you’d like some Marty the Moose merch, visit this link.