LOS ALAMOS, N.M. (KRQE) – Nearly 200 families have been without water for two days, and it’s been miserable. The county has told them they legally can’t fix the problem, and it seems the management has been MIA. Residents at Elk Ridge Mobile Home Park in Los Alamos say they lost water on Saturday at about 10 p.m. after a pipe break.

“Then the problem sort of got bigger when we realized without any of the plumbing turned on there’s no back force in the toilets,” said Freedom Elliot, a resident of Elk Ridge Mobile Home Park. “So, even if you try to fill the backup completely if you try to flush it, it actually doesn’t go anywhere it just fills up in the bowl. So now everybody’s houses smell, it’s disgusting,” said Elliot.

Residents say they’ve had to buy bottled water, and go to a local park to fill up from a spigot there, and use the bathroom elsewhere. Some residents have been buying water for their elderly neighbors.

But there are nearly 184 spaces. Residents tell us they’ve heard very little from management.

“We haven’t had any communication whatsoever from the home offices, telling us what is happening,” said Isaiah Garcia, another resident living at the mobile home park. Elliot told KRQE News 13 she’s tried to call the manager, and email her but the emails are coming back as undeliverable, and the phone is disconnected.

The same thing happened to News 13 when they reached out. Our crews called the maintenance director and she hung up on us. Emails to the housing manager bounced back. We did leave a message informing her we’d be running a story but never heard back. Residents say after we reached out to the manager, they did get a short email explaining the problem.

The county told News 13 they can’t fix the issue because it’s private property, however, they say they did provide some parts to the property to help. The water was restored Monday at about 3:00 p.m.

News 13 also asked the county why potable water was not provided to these families but did not get a response. It’s assumed it’s because of the holiday.