NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – After New Mexico lifted the eviction moratorium this year, eviction notices started going up and it is impacting people living in mobile homes especially hard. According to New Mexico Legal Aid, they’ve been contacted by 83 clients facing evictions in just two months. In 2019, they had close to 100 clients the entire year.

“We encountered tenants all the time who get evicted from their mobile home park without a reason to violation and if they get evicted, if they’re on Social Security or they retire, they’re elderly, they’re disabled, they don’t have cash to pay to move the home, and they walk away from the home and the landlord takes possession of the home and sells it or rents it to the next person,” said Tom Prettyman, Attorney, New Mexico Legal Aid.

KRQE News 13 spoke with one woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, who said she’s invested her whole life savings into her mobile home. She’s a single mom and the rent for the lot she’s on has become too much. She was served an eviction notice earlier this week.

New Mexico Legal Aid says people need to contact them as soon as they realize they’ll be behind on rent. “As soon as they know they’re going to be behind on rent. As soon as someone gets served with a notice. It’s always a good idea to contact legal assistance,” said Riley Masse, attorney.

New Mexico Legal Aid says people can get evicted from their mobile home for a number of reasons which include not maintaining the home according to park regulations or having too many cars. They say evictions can also be served for very trivial reasons and in that case, they advise that people communicate with the landlord or property manager before it gets to the eviction stage.

“Don’t ignore these problems. If you receive a notice from a landlord, saying you’ve done something wrong deal with it. It might be your you might be able to fix it yourself. You might be able to work it out with the landlord,” said Prettyman. New Mexico Legal Aid has set up an assistance fund for homeowners who could miss payments, visit their website for more information.