Two local artists have hit the road in a vintage truck, traveling through southeast New Mexico documenting the people they meet along the way.

Matthew Chase-Daniel and Jerry Wellman are spending the month of October in a unique way.

“It becomes an exhibition, but it’s a moving and evolving exhibition,” said Chase-Daniel.

The Santa Fe-based artists are traveling around southeast part of the state, taking black and white pictures of people inside their vintage mobile art studio.

“This sort of an experience…it tells me that people really do care, they really are generous. I see the best of people,” said Wellman.

“There are just so many different things on here… Just so cool,” said Justice Aragones.

Those who stop by are asked to bring an item with them — something of meaning to hold in front of them during the photo op.

“I brought makeup, because I love makeup,” said Brenda Trigueros.

“(I brought) my dog,” said Faith Bell.

“It’s a whole range of objects of the immediate time, today, here in this place,” said Chase-Daniel.

The picture then immediately prints out of the mobile gallery’s solar-powered printer.

The person gets to keep one copy, while another is pasted up on the outside of the truck. Finally, all of the photos are compiled into a book.

“The cover of the book has all the hundreds of pictures composited digitally into one face,” said Chase-Daniel.

The duo calls the project, “E Plurbus Unum,” or, “From Many One.”

“In 50 years or 100 years, that book will be a sort of time capsule,” said Chase-Daniel.

“It’s interesting to see what people hold,” Martha Arciniega.

Chase-Daniel and Wellman say their favorite part is getting to meet people from all walks of life.

“I liked it. I wish I could take more,” said 8-year-old Jacob Mendez.

After the book is published sometime next year, they will host an exhibition in Roswell with all of the pictures on display.

Everyone is invited to get their photos taken, and it’s free.

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