NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The crime was caught on video; the evidence is very clear. However, a federal jury was deadlocked in the case of a driver accused of attempted murder on Friday. The man is accused of opening fire on a state police officer on the side of I-40. 

In 2020, State Police Officer Sharron Duran was conducting a traffic stop on the side of I-40 near Laguna Pueblo. Robert Nelson is from Arizona and was traveling through New Mexico when he was pulled over for tailgating his parents’ trailer. 

Officer Duran approached his car, and Nelson reportedly opened fire on her. Even after getting shot through her hands, the officer pursued Nelson. A federal search warrant suggested a gunshot was stopped by her bulletproof vest. 

It’s reported that Duran chased after Nelson for a few miles before he eventually gave up. Backup arrived to put Nelson in cuffs. Since Officer Duran was commissioned with a federal drug task force at the time, Nelson was federally charged with attempted murder.

However, the federal trial came to a halt Friday after the jury agreed it was “hopelessly deadlocked” on a verdict after it appears there was one juror who refused to keep deliberating. The U.S. Attorney’s Office won’t comment on what happened. 

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In a statement, state police said this is a disappointing outcome and Officer Duran deserves more. The U.S. The Attorney’s Office said it plans on re-trying the case. According to state police, Officer Sharron Duran was promoted to sergeant last year.