NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Millions of dollars have been allocated for 22 different New Mexico companies. The New Mexico Economic Development Department (EDD) announced that $3.38 million has been approved by the Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP) board.

The focus of the JTIP, along with other training programs, is to encourage companies to grow, expand, and create higher-paying jobs.

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“For fiscal year 2022, JTIP helped fund training for a total of 2,352 workers with an overall average wage of $23.67 at 80 companies,” EDD Cabinet Secretary Keyes said. “It’s exciting to see that we are off to an exceptional start for FY23 and can continue to provide this funding opportunity for another year.” 

In July, JTIP awarded $773,735.76 for 70 trainees. In August, JTIP awarded $2,615,217.80 for 157 trainees and one intern. A list of those awarded can be found below.

CompanyJuly awardAugust award
3D Glass Solutions, Inc., Albuquerque$15,002$28,874.56
ABQMR, Inc., Albuquerque$34,740.60
Build With Robots, Inc., Albuquerque$14,040
Curia Global, Inc., Albuquerque$1,111,160.56
Dean Baldwin Painting, LP, Roswell$163,012
Electric Playhouse, Inc., Albuquerque$323,954.36
Indica Labs, Inc., Albuquerque$16,879.20
Juniper Trust Company, Santa Fe$132,201.12
Kairos Power LLC, Albuquerque$179,480
KiloNewton, LLC, Albuquerque$124,654
Nature’s Toolbox Inc., Rio Rancho$389,216 (month of award not specified)
Olive Tree Pharmacy, Rio Rancho$41,442
Pajarito Powder LLC, Albuquerque$152,050.04
Photon Rainbow, Albuquerque$22,850
Paradise Power Company, Inc. (PPC Solar), Albuquerque$64,309.04
RingIR, Inc., Albuquerque$14,380
Santa Fe Aero Services LLC (SFAS), Santa Fe$58,227.12
Taos Bee Flower Company (Taos Bee), Taos$8,272.40
The Verdes Foundation, Albuquerque$45,338
TORC Robotics, Inc. (TORC), Albuquerque$444,529.56
Worthington Farms LLC, Mesilla Park$4,341.20