NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Those wanting to work as a barber, a social worker, a physical therapist, or dozens of other occupations, have to be licensed by the state. However, some New Mexicans have hit a roadblock as they try to get their licenses.

“I hope that it can get resolved so I can start working,” said one physical therapist trying to get his license through the state.

This soon-to-be physical therapist, who wants to remain anonymous, finished the state’s online licensing application weeks ago. After not hearing from them, he tried calling and emailing. However, he couldn’t reach anyone. Once he finally spoke to somebody, the state told him their system was down for two weeks.

“I don’t know how long that’s going to be. But that prevents me from providing for my family because I can’t work until I have a license,” said the man.

With a healthcare worker shortage, others in the medical field told him they were in the same boat. Some medical providers are having a hard time hiring because no one can get licensed.

According to Presbyterian Hospital, they are experiencing a statewide issue due to a cyberattack on the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department. According to the department, on October 7, they noticed suspicious activity on their system.

The PT mentioned, “Just the impression that I’ve got both from different people that I’ve talked to,” he said. “There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of transparency or urgency.”

According to the department, they remain fully functional and staff is working to process all license applications as quickly as possible. The state’s website says the board has up to five business days to issue a physical therapy license.

Yet for this physical therapist and others, it has already been two weeks. “I’m sure they are getting tired of getting angry calls and whatnot. But it’s still pretty frustrating,” he says.

The department is still investigating the cyberattack. They sent letters to those whose records may have been impacted.

The New Mexico regulation and licensing department said those needing licensing help are encouraged to call or email the specific licensing board on the state’s website.