SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – It was an unusual scene for State Police on a rainy Monday night. A car was stuck on the Rail Runner tracks. The car appeared to have barreled through the fence off I-25 near the 599 Station, south of Santa Fe, in late March. 

On scene, police found Marlena Tenorio and her ex-boyfriend Jude Gallegos, who admit they had been drinking. According to the pair, the driver was nowhere to be found. 

Tenorio reportedly told police that Gallegos and an unknown man picked her up from her job at Allsup’s to drive her home. Police weren’t buying it.

One officer said, “I don’t believe there’s a third person.”

Inside the crashed car, officers find empty bottles of Yukon Jack. When he was questioned, Gallegos told police Tenorio was the one driving. 

Police charged Tenorio with providing false information and obstructing an investigation.

An officer tells her, “With your false narrative of some guy that you just met was driving you because you just said he was driving you home. He told me that you guys were heading back to Santa Fe to drop this guy off. So, your stories are not making sense, but the evidence says one thing. So, that’s what it will be.”

Police charged Gallegos with DWI. There’s now an arrest warrant out for Gallegos for blowing off court for that charge.

Fortunately for the trains that run there, they got stuck on the track an hour after services had ended for the night.