ESPAÑOLA, N.M. (KRQE) – The streets of one New Mexico city were full of hydraulics and customized wheels. Dozens of lowrider enthusiasts gathered in Española to participate in an event celebrating the unique culture. 

“It’s a really big tradition here; everybody has low riders. It’s been a part of our community for generations,” said Megan Martinez, manager of Southwest Cannabis. 

Hundreds of lowriders lined the parking lot at the first annual event hosted by the Viejitos Chimayo Chapter. 

Enthusiasts from as far as Colorado and California brought their customized cars to Española to share their love for the culture. The event was open to the public and had free food, all accompanied with music. 

Juliana and Mia said they’ve grown up in the lowrider community and wouldn’t change it for the world. 

“I plan on when I get older, you know. I plan on getting a car rolling and also being a part of the Viejitos and keeping it going for generations,” said Juliana Ortega, an attendee from Chimayo. 

Behind all the polished paint and customized engines, these cars carry a lot of sentimental value and history. 

Eppie Martinez is the President of the Viejitos Club in Chimayo. He said his first car was passed on from his father when he was just fourteen years old. 

Martinez explained memories are added every time a new customization is made. 

“You leave a history, there’s a story behind it, and every car there’s a story behind it,” said Eppie Martinez, President of the Chimayo chapter. 

The chapter currently has more than 30 members but Martinez claimed it’s quickly growing. He said Friday’s turnout is a testament to the strong bond the lowrider community shares. 

“Speechless. Speechless, it just shows the love we have for one another,” said Martinez. 

The chapter expressed they’re already planning for next year’s event. They will also be participating in an event in Albuquerque Lowrider Super Show event in June.