LOS LUNAS, N.M. (KRQE) – Nurses don’t always get the credit they deserve. To honor National Nurses Week, we are highlighting one nurse from Los Lunas who has dedicated decades to the job.

Stacy Throne has been in nursing since 1995. Back then, you weren’t able to pick a specialty.

“You had to go into long-term care nursing or medical surgery,” said Throne.

Eventually, Throne’s heart leaned towards pediatric care, but it wasn’t meant to be.

“That position wasn’t available, and so, I was offered a position in the NICU,” said Throne.

Now, 22 years later, she’s still in the NICU department, working at Lovelace in Los Lunas -building relationships and being a piece of the big day for a growing family.

“The outcomes, you know, the rewards with it being blessed and grateful to see these parents take these babies home,” said Throne.

Unfortunately, she’s also been there to know not every family gets a happy ending.

“Recently, in the last five years, I’ve had a family where I was taking care of their baby that didn’t survive, and through their grief process and everything, they decided to try for another child that also ended up in our NICU, and they came back, and they saw me, and they were just so happy to see me,” said Throne.

Throughout her career, she’s helped care for over 3,000 babies personally.

“There’s not just one inspiring story because they are all so different, and it’s all about the parents. It’s all about them being able to take home these babies,” said Throne.

Stories that wouldn’t be possible without nurses like Stacy Throne.

“Our hands have done such amazing things and have such healing powers,” said Throne.