LOS LUNAS, N.M. (KRQE) – If you’ve ever stepped foot inside D’Alicia’s Fine Jewelers in Los Lunas, you know their holiday display is like no other. The owner, Alicia Torrez, has been collecting pieces for more than 30 years and has put them on display for the last 14 years in her shop along Main Street. “I close Thanksgiving weekend and it takes me about 44 hours to set it up completely,” Torrez says.

But some of the priceless pieces have changed over the years. What started as a tradition of her memories and happiest moments has now become a miniature replica of the village of Los Lunas.

“Sam’s from the butcher shop came in, and I had a butcher store because my dad was a butcher for 30 years, and I looked up his logo and thought, you know, what if I redesigned the little house and put them in there,” says Torrez.

The display has quickly turned into much of the city. “And then, I had another business owner here in Los Lunas, and she asked ‘what do I need to do to be a part of the village?’ Now it’s become, ‘is my house up? Do I have a house in your village?’ And people look forward to being added to the village.” Torrez says.

During the month of December, people young and old check out the display to see things both near and some places far gone. “The best part about it is them sharing all of their memories with us,” Torrez says.