LOS LUNAS, N.M. (KRQE) – People living in a New Mexico community are up in arms over a recent move by their homeowner’s association. They’ve suddenly been told they can’t park work vehicles on their property unless it’s in a garage. Many argue it’s a rule that is impossible for some of them to follow.

A lot of residents in the Huning Ranch community in Los Lunas have been served with violation letters in the last few weeks telling them it’s a violation to park a commercial vehicle in clear view. Many of them are confused because it seems to have come out of the blue.

Stephen Doyle shares, “I’ve been actually parking this vehicle there for two and a half years, pretty much since the COVID pandemic. And, you know, this is literally my office for our company, we have no place at our location to park we go in, we pick up product we leave, you know, so this is actually my warehouse.” He continues, “You know, I would say my first response was I was angry, I was very angry.”

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After receiving the notice Doyle started writing emails and making phone calls to his HOA management company. The issue he and many others have is those trucks are too tall and too long to fit in a garage. Neighbors said they didn’t know this is a rule and are asking themselves if it was just enacted or if it’s just never been enforced until now.

Doyle says he got a call this morning from the association saying they had been overwhelmed with complaints and will amend the rule to exempt trucks under one ton. That resolves the issue for Doyle but not all of his neighbors.

“You’re hitting people monetarily, right now, gas prices, you know, insurance, food, everything has gone up, and now they’re just wanting to pile on their fees and make this park elsewhere. Just a very frustrating situation,” Doyle said.

Doyle says the fines start at $50 and quickly rise to $100. He said the Arroyo del Oso Property Management has started a digital petition in an effort to get this issue resolved. What’s unclear is what qualifies as a commercial vehicle, but there’s an exception for public safety vehicles or public utility vehicles approved by the association.

KRQE News 13 did reach out to the HOA management company to ask the reason for the rule and how long it’s been in effect but was told by two people that they aren’t allowed to talk to the media. News 13’s calls were forwarded to the vice president, and have not gotten a call back.