An Albuquerque based online company is selling portable versions of New Mexico’s signature scent. 

“It was just something I felt like the state always needed. We love our chile, we love the roasted smell so how could we not make it more accessible?” said Shalen Holt, owner of Seraparito.

Holt says they spent years crafting the perfect green chile air freshener.

“It has a little bit of smoke but mostly it’s citrusy herbal flavor up front,” said Holt. 

Holt’s company is also selling ‘burrito blankets’ or ‘seraparitos.’ They’re like koozies that keep your burritos warm.

“The seraparito gets plenty of laughs. The idea of a mini serape that goes around a burrito is pretty hilarious and it’s intended to be,” said Holt.

From now through Nov. 25, Seraparito is giving 20 percent of all sales to Food New Mexico Kids.