Local author pens books about Alzheimer’s after her mom’s diagnosis

New Mexico

An Albuquerque author spent most of her career writing about fantasy until her family faced a real fight. Now, she’s using her mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s as inspiration to teach people about the disease in a new book series.

“When the book is done, I’m thinking about, what are the little pieces of Alzheimer’s education that I’ve learned over the last 15 years that I can share with other people?” said Albuquerque author, Robin Perini.

Perini and her father, Dale, miss their mother and wife even though they all live under the same roof.

“I miss my mom being my friend,” said Perini.

“I miss the ability to talk to her more than anything,” said Dale.

The Perini family completely lost the Karen they knew five years ago when her Alzheimer’s went from Stage 3 to Stage 7 in a matter of months. “All of a sudden we couldn’t speak to her, she stopped talking,” said Perini.

Unable to talk to her mom, the best selling author decided to write through her family’s fight. “I thought, ‘Could I get a little bit of education in there?’ To share with people a little bit about what living with dementia is like, a little window about what living with a family with dementia is like,” said Perini.

Her first book, “Forgotten Secrets,” is not a typical book about Alzheimer’s. Perini blends her knowledge of the disease into a romantic thriller. “[The character] wasn’t the person solving the crime, but she had the secret and she had forgotten part of the secret,” said Perini.

The book took off in 2016. Fueled by its success, Perini wrote a sequel and released it this month. “I think so important because they’re true and they’re lifelike,” said Dale Perini.

Perini has donated 10% of the profits from both of her books to the New Mexico Alzheimer’s Association, in honor of her mom. “I think she would be really proud of me for writing a story that is touching people,” said Perini.

To date, the New Mexico Alzheimer’s Association says they’ve received $15,000 from Perini’s first book and are still receiving royalties. Both books are available on Amazon.

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