SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – A lobbyist is calling for a state senator to resign, accusing him of sexual harassment. She accuses Democratic Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto of using his elected position to force himself on her and other women. Ivey-Soto denies the claims.

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In a four-page letter to Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto, lobbyist Marianna Anaya asks him to resign. KRQE News 13 obtained the letter through Anaya’s attorney, but she also posted it to her Twitter page.

She says she’s sickened by Ivey-Soto’s behavior, accusing him of sexual harassment dating back to 2015 saying in part, “As a young staffer for then Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham, I attended an NEA reception and you slid your hand across my side and disgustingly groped and pinched my buttocks.”

Anaya then writes as a lobbyist now, how she was required to work with Ivey-Soto this past legislative session on a voting rights bill. She accuses the senator of “drinking throughout their conversation” in his office. Also claimed in the letter “when you emptied a bottle of wine into my glass and I said it was too much, and then forcefully told me to drink it.”

Anaya also accused Ivey-Soto of sexualizing conversations, yelling at her, and sexually harassing other women.

The senator representing Albuquerque since 2013 told News 13 Tuesday night on the phone that he was “bewildered and befuddled” saying that’s just not him and he’s horrified about the accusations. He says he did split a bottle of wine with Anaya in his office last month during the session but never forced her to drink.

He says they discussed bills and even her accusation that he pinched her buttocks. He says he doesn’t even remember the reception years ago, but he says he apologized profusely if that was her experience, but he assured her it wasn’t him. He says he’s never made sexual comments either.

Anaya’s attorney says Anaya will be making a formal written complaint to the director of the Legislative Council Service. Ivey-Soto says he looks forward to his due process.