NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A Rio Rancho woman woke up at her dorm one day unable to see. She was blind within weeks, but years later, that life-changing diagnosis has been reversed. 

“I remember feeling a little bit off, but I just couldn’t pinpoint what was making me feel off. Within like an hour, all of a sudden, everything became blurry,” said Sophia Corah. 

Sophia Corah was a freshman at the University of New Mexico in 2017 when her life suddenly changed. She woke up one morning and couldn’t see well. By the time she got to her class, she couldn’t even read the paper in front of her. 

“Everything I knew about the world changed in an instant, and everything I knew about how to interact with the world changed overnight,” explained Corah. 

At 19 years old, Corah was diagnosed with Keratoconus. The condition causes the cornea to thin and distorts its shape causing loss of vision. Corah suffered from an aggressive version that impacted her sight instantly and made her legally blind. 

“Since it happened so quickly overnight, I just really didn’t have time to process that, so it honestly felt like my life was over,” said Corah. 

Corah learned of a surgeon in Beverly Hills that could potentially help restore some of her vision. With community support, she raised more than $20,000 dollars for the procedures. While she hoped for improved eyesight, she didn’t expect to get 20/20 vision. 

“The first thing that I cried over when I got my vision back was the Sandias because I could just see it so clearly again it was crazy to me,” she said. 

Corah said being able to drive again was something she had to re-learn because she couldn’t trust her eyes. 

“I just remember being so anxious and I think my dad saw that so he was just joking around to make me feel better,” recalled Corah. 

She said although it was a difficult experience, it taught her to appreciate life. 

“I also have this new perspective of just being so grateful for everything I have,” said Corah. 

Sophia Corah stated that she will be returning to UNM, but this time as an education assistant.