LAS VEGAS, N.M. (KRQE) – The Las Vegas community is coming to grips after a break-in left one dog with puppies dead. Now, the shelter is asking for the community’s help to bring about a change in the shelter.

“We all feel a duty to take our best care of these animals that we can, and so, for something like this to happen was absolutely devastating,” said Las Vegas Animal Care Center Manager Beatriz.

It was a tough scene to walk into in January.

“Upon, you know, just checking everything out, they noticed Aurora, a beautiful healer mama, was found in the aisle. She was dead.”

Someone had broken into the shelter and stolen four very aggressive dogs. They were set to be put down after attacking another dog.

“They pretty viciously jumped out of a car and attacked another dog in its yard, and it was awful, and just being here, they were insanely aggressive.”

When they broke those dogs out, shelter staff believe they tried to take the mother dog thinking it was one of the other ones they were looking for, and she was attacked.

“He probably targeted her because the puppies. They were at the age where they kind of squeak and make these weird little noises, and mom was up, and she was probably kind of anxious figuring out what was going on.”

The staff at the shelter is now coming forward after the case is being closed by police because of a lack of evidence.

They said they’re doing everything to update security and safety in the shelter, acknowledging the build is outdated. The kennels and their locks are outdated as well with no security cameras inside or out.

They hope this story will lead to the public helping and asking city leaders to help fund the desperately needed improvements.

“I just want everybody to know we’re gonna do everything we can to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again because it wasn’t okay, and no way do we think it was okay. No excuses.”

If you would like more information on the shelter or how you can help, you can give them a call at 505-426-3289.