LAS VEGAS, N.M. (KRQE) – The city of Las Vegas has now launched a new speed enforcement campaign with speed trailers on one of the city’s busiest roads. The two-speed trailers are along Mill’s Avenue, one outside Robertson High School near Country Club, the other just outside N Gonzales Street.

The city says that they have taken inspiration from Albuquerque’s speed enforcement program and believe it will help with their problem. The city says they don’t have enough officers to be out at all times to crack down on speeders, so the cameras will help.

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“The reality of small, rural communities and the lack of officers, or police officers, cannot be at every single street at every moment in time during the day. So these trailers, the speed trailers are just another tool that we can use to slow our community down,” said City Councilor David Romero.

Before a $100 ticket is issued, an officer will review the footage before it is sent to the courts and eventually to the mailbox. The city says that the $40,000 cameras are making an impact, even though they are still in their test phase.

“We’ve noticed a lot less speeding complaints. And actually, we’ve noticed a little bit, a slight decline in our traffic accidents involving speeding, so it is helping,” said Chief Antonio Salazar with the Las Vegas Police Department.

The city would like to put more cameras up, but many of the busiest streets in Las Vegas are state roads, like Grand Avenue and Seventh Street, which are not allowed. Some in the community feel like they are a good idea, but they want the city to alert drivers about the cameras ahead.

“I think they’re a good idea to control traffic. But you can always watch your speed. And it’s always a surprise when you get a ticket in the mail when you didn’t know you were speeding,” said Henry Vigil, owner of FrankieAnnTiques in Las Vegas.

The speed trailers are in test mode for now, collecting data. The city says they will go live and begin giving tickets in mid-November.