LAS CRUCES, N.M. (KRQE) – Las Cruces Police have released the 911 calls and lapel video of the fatal police shooting of 75-year-old Amelia Baca in her home.

On April 16, Baca’s daughter was hiding in a room with her young daughter. She called 911 telling dispatch she needed an officer because her mother, who had dementia, was aggressive and threatening to kill her. Minutes later, Baca threw hot water at the door and her daughter tried to plead with her through the door, telling her she’s scaring the young girl.

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The first officer arrives and tries to get the women out of the house. He tries to calm Baca, who confronts him with a large knife in each hand. The officer repeatedly asks Baca to put down the knives but she refuses. She moves toward the officer, who fires his weapon, killing Baca.

The officer who shot Baca is a nine-year veteran of the Las Cruces Police Department, with more than 70 hours of crisis intervention training. As standard procedure, the incident is being investigated by the Officer-Involved Incident Task Force.