SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – La Familia Medical Center in Santa Fe said they have less than 100 days of operational funds.

For over 50 years the center has offered low-cost medical, dental and behavioral services or even in some cases the care was for free. Medical center staff said they take pride in helping out those in need. “It’s amazing because that’s one less thing that’s on my shoulder and it helps me out a lot and I really appreciate all the help I can get,” said patient at La Familia Medical Karina Fierro.

This year the medical center is expecting to help out around 16,000 Santa Fe residents. But now, the center itself is close to running out of those funds.

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“We are facing a short fall of funds and so we have between 90 to 100 days of operating reserves and we’ve been using those every single month,” said Jasmin Milz, La Familia Health Chief Development Officer. “We’ve already cut $2 million in our budget, we’ve laid off staff and in addition to that we’ve restructured a lot of our contracts, we’ve cut expenses left and right.”

Medical center officials said they’re doing their part to raise money so they can stay open. Even going as far as creating an emergency GoFundMe page but they aren’t stopping there.

“We’ve reached out to a number of private foundations, we’ve reached out to Santa Fe County, we’ll be meeting with the mayor of Santa Fe, we’ll be meeting with legislative representatives, we’ve requested meetings with the governor,” said Milz.

So far, the GoFundMe page was created two weeks ago and has already raised $18,000 but still a ways to go to their goal of $1-million.