NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – KRQE News 13 wants to hear from New Mexicans on how they feel about masks. Are you still wearing one? KRQE conducted a survey and will post the results. KRQE asked if people still wear their masks and how they feel about it.

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“I’m still ok with it. I know everyone has different comfort levels so if those people are more comfortable if people wear masks, I don’t mind wearing a mask for other peopl,” said Lance Parisot, who lives in Albuquerque.

“I’m not especially bothered by it. It doesn’t bother me much to wear a mask,” said Brent Wilson, who lives in Albuquerque.

“If I’m outside, I don’t put it on. But, I’m going inside in a minute and I’ll put one on,” said Tony Monfiletto, Albuquerque resident. “I just feel like looking out for your neighbors is really important, and your family. So, it’s an inconvenience but it’s not the end of the world.”

“I think it’s the easiest thing that we can do. Not only for ourselves but for the people around us,” said Jodi who lives in New Mexico.

About 4,500 people responded to the unscientific survey. About 63% of respondents say they still wear a mask, while 37% say they don’t. 76% say they would still go into a place where they see people not wearing masks. KRQE also asked community members if the mandate was lifted, would they still wear a mask?

“I guess it depends on what the infection rates are. If the infection rates are still really high then I will, but if they calm down and it’s sort of more normal, then I might stop,” said Monfiletto.

According to the survey, majority of respondents expect the mask mandate to last into next year.

“We have no timeline announced for when restrictions will be loosened, but historically it has been associated with low transmission and low case counts. Right now, our case counts continue to be really high, and with the highly transmissible Omicron variant comprising nearly 100% of the infections, now is not the time to stop wearing masks. In fact, we are urging folks to upgrade to more protective masks if possible. We are developing a plan to distribute N95 and KN95 masks for free,” said a NMDOH spokesperson in an emailed statement to KRQE.

“New Mexico continues to be in Crisis Standards of Care, meaning our hospitals are under resourced and overburdened. So, hopefully every New Mexican will continue to do their part to keep us all safer: by masking, social distancing, staying up to date on their vaccines, and staying home when they don’t feel well. Things are improving, but we are still very much in the surge.”

Nearby communities like Denver are loosening their mask restrictions on Friday. KRQE News 13 also asked the Governor’s Office when we could expect the mask mandate to be lifted but did not hear back.