Thursday’s Top Stories

Thursday’s Five Facts

[1] New Mexico man acquitted in 2010 rape case – The New Mexico Attorney General is calling out a judge after an Albuquerque man was found not guilty of rape charges. The alleged victim reported the crime back in 2010, a few years later a rape kit was tested and Victor Gonzales was charged. During trial, the defense argued that the accuser’s consensual sexual activity in the days leading up to the alleged rape could explain findings form her medical exam. The AG said in a statement he is concerned prior sexual history of an alleged victim was used to discredit her testimony. Gonzales is set to be released from jail, the AG’s office says he is still under investigation in other cases.

[2] Video shows moment missing girl is found on Albuquerque bus – Security video shows the moment a missing girl was found on an Albuquerque bus. No one knew where 5-year-old Oreyana Clinton was from Monday evening until mid Tuesday Morning. She was found thanks to a perfectly timed amber alert and a vigilant passenger. What’s still unclear is where the girl was for the more than 13 hours she was missing. Children, Youth, and Families Department will not say who the girl is living with now, but a spokesperson said that she is ‘safe.’

[3] Arctic plunge arrives east – Temperatures continue to plummet this morning across the far northeastern portions of the state. By the afternoon, temperatures won’t be warming up too much east. Wind Chill Warnings and Advisories are in place through 11 AM Friday with values getting 35 to 5 below zero. Tomorrow, the cold air will fan out south, dropping temperatures near Las Cruces about 20 degrees into your Friday. Albuquerque will drop a few degrees into Friday as well. 

[4] BernCo approves plan for $19M trail in South Valley – Bernalillo County is looking for federal funding to help complete a nearly 15-mile, multi-use trail through the South Valley. The Isleta Drain and Trail Plan was approved by the county commission last week. The proposed project begins at Central and makes its way down to Isleta Pueblo along the drain banks running through the South Valley, it’s expected to cost just over $19 million.

[5] Toys for Tots hands out thousands of toys in New Mexico – Toys For Tots finished their last round of deliveries for the year. The group says it served about 2,000 families over the weekend and still had toys left over. They gave them out to law enforcement and local agencies to hand out to families in need before Christmas. This year, Toys for Tots helped 21 different agencies, including Pueblos, children’s hospitals, and women’s shelters.