ESPAÑOLA, N.M. (KRQE) – Espanola Humane is asking the community to do better. This comes after a small kitten was found nearly frozen to death outside their shelter during Sunday night’s snow storm.

The kitten was found in a cat carrier completely covered in snow. Mattie Allen with Espanola Humane says the one-month-old kitten had no heartbeat and her temperature was so low it couldn’t be picked up by the thermometer.

They immediately worked to warm her up, got fluid in her and put her on oxygen. The kitten just barely survived and is looking for a foster home.

Allen said whoever left her could have walked two more steps and the kitten could have been left in a lockbox with food, water, heating pads and blankets. These drop boxes aren’t new and Allen said staff are going to put out more warmed drop boxes in hopes of avoiding this happening again.