NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – It’s a battle that’s been fought for years. Now, New Mexico farmers and ranchers are celebrating a major win against ag-equipment giant John Deere.

“A lot of us live in some pretty rural areas, and oftentimes, we may have to take equipment as far as 60 to 100 miles to get it worked on, and so this policy or this memorandum of understanding that we have worked on with John Deere, gives us a tool where we can actually try to work on or fix equipment ourselves and try to save a little bit of time a little money,” said New Mexico Farm Land Bureau 1st Vice President Don Hartman.

On Monday, John Deere agreed to let farmers across the US fix their own equipment.

Previously, farmers could only use authorized parts and service dealers. This would result in long wait times and much bigger price tags.

Back in 2018, John Deere made these same promises but never followed through.

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This time, the New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau is optimistic John Deere will grant farmers the access they’ve been fighting for.