NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A famous Jemez Pueblo runner tackled his latest feat on Sunday morning, a sports complex in his name. “Steven Gachupin was always there at the top,” said Janice Tosa.

“An inspiration to us all here in the community,” said Eudore Camata.

Over the past few decades, Steve Gachupin has become a man of many titles. “Being a grandfather, a father, a worker for our district but more than that an athlete and a coach,” said Camata. Camata is the principal at Jemez Valley working with Gachupin.

Gachupin is more than just a coach he’s a champion-winning coach at the Jemez Valley High School. “For us to be able to do that for our community, bring state titles home not only to the school but to the community,” said former cross country runner, Janice Tosa.

Gachupin won more than a dozen state championships for the small community, but he’s also an athlete in his own right. Winning the Pikes Peak marathon and holding a record to this day.

“I won six in a row, nobody’s done six in a row,” said Gachupin. Leaving an impact on everyone he’s crossed paths with.

“The dedication that he’s had to not only the school but to the community. He’s always there to provide guidance,” said Tosa.

Everything he’s given to his community will forever be remembered.

“He once said he runs because he wants to bring honor to the community and I think he did that and today. We’re giving back that honor to him,” said Camata.

The school district and community chose to dedicate the sports complex to the incredible athlete. An inspiration to the next generation.

“Honoring him is probably one of the best things that we could do for him for everything that he’s done for us up to this point,” said Tosa.

And if Gachupin has it his way, his running days are far from over. “I feel good, only my knee is kinda bothering me. I’m gonna have knee surgery but then I’m going to start running again,” said Gachupin.