NEW MEXICO (KRQE) — A popular Halloween attraction is back in Jemez, but it still needs some help from community members before it’s fully up and running.

Halloween in Jemez means one thing, the Jemez Haunted Graveyard. Tucked off of Highway 485, Sharon Chism puts the spooky sight up in her yard every year, and it’s free for everyone.

“The haunts around town, they’re expensive,” said Chism. “I vowed to keep this free because I want everyone to enjoy it … It’s for the community. I sit back there, and people come in and go, ‘can I come in?’ and I say ‘nah, I set this up for myself.'”

This is Chism’s 11th year putting on the display, where people can walk around and take in the haunted sights. However, she needs the help of volunteers to get the attraction up and running.

“I’ve gotten older. It’s getting difficult for me to walk long distances, and that’s the trouble. It’s so huge we end up walking and walking and walking,” she said. On Sunday, volunteers came out to help haul decorations, unbox them and set them up.

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“I just want to give to my community, and this is a lot of work for Sharon to do by herself, and she needs help, and I want to help,” said Olga Appell, a volunteer who came out on Sunday.

“I do appreciate every effort I can get from the neighborhood, and people out of the area,” said Chism. “You just have to have an interest in Halloween, doing something for the community.”

Chism hopes to have the display up and running by mid-October. Jemez Haunted Halloween is free for everyone and operates from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Anyone who wants to volunteer to help set it up or take it down can contact Chism here.