RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) – One neighborhood is being taken over by tumbleweeds. They say it’s been happening for years since the Rio Rancho Country Club closed its doors six years ago. The land has since sat vacant and unkempt and on windy days, people living nearby say all the tumbleweeds blow straight into their yards.

“It ruined my backyard. There are so many tumbleweeds I can’t get the sprinkler to work and I don’t have the time to deal with all of their tumbleweeds blowing into my yard,” said homeowner, Craig Stumpf.

Neighbors say they bought their homes near the former Rio Rancho Country Club to enjoy the view of the lush green golf course from their backyards. However, since the club closed down, the green grass has died and all that’s left is deserted land. “It brings our property values down, all of us have been hurt by the loss of the golf course. We have been dealing with the tumbleweed issue, dirt, lots of natives wildlife running through the back of the golf course, coyotes and etc. It’s just been horrible,” said Homeowner, Jeff Schrimsher.

Not only are all the tumbleweeds unsightly, but with fire season in full effect, residents say it’s dangerous and poses risks. After neighbors complained, the property owner sent cleanup crews. However, neighbors say it’s not enough. “They sent somebody out here to do what they say is “fix it.” But all they do is take the tumbleweeds and smash them into smaller pieces,” Stumpf said.

If the problem isn’t fixed for good, the homeowners say they plan on filing a lawsuit against the property owner. The city of Rio Rancho says they are looking into the matter, they say the owner of the property could be cited.