NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wants to remind community members that 2022 income tax returns are due this coming Tuesday, Apr. 18. The IRS reports that they have received over 715,699 returns so far and have processed around 94% of them.

To check the status of your tax return, visit the Taxpayer Access Point here. If your return says pending, the IRS is processing it and there is no need to send in another return. Refund processing can take up to 12 weeks, but many taxpayers will receive their refunds before then.

The IRS says two new exemptions are available this year: one on Social Security retirement benefits and the other on military pension income. The Social Security exemption is available for taxpayers with incomes under $100,000 for single filers, those with incomes under $150,000 for couples filing jointly, and those with incomes under $75,000 for couples filing separately.

Notable updates from the IRS

  • “A new Easy Enrollment program allowing taxpayers to check a box on their returns to get information on qualifying for low-cost or no-cost health care coverage or Medicaid. Checking the box allows Taxation and Revenue to release relevant information to the state Human Services Department, which administers Medicaid. HSD also will provide eligibility information to beWellnm, New Mexico’s official health insurance exchange.”
  • “A one-time, refundable tax credit of $1,000 is available for full-time hospital nurses. Nurses will need to complete a form, the PIT-NC, and include it with their return to claim the credit. The PIT-NC needs to be signed by the nurse and their hospital employer.”
  • “The special rebates and relief payments issued by the Taxation and Revenue Department in 2022 do not need to be declared as income on 2022 state or federal returns.”

Taxpayers are encouraged to file online to minimize delays in processing. Income tax forms and instructions are available here.