ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – A 14-year-old is taking community involvement to a new level. It’s the season of giving and Maliyah Juarez has been busy doing just that, volunteering in her community for 135 days straight. Her love for giving back started during her time in the pageant circuit and took off from there.

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“I love helping my community and my family has always done volunteering so besides the pageant I just never really had a platform but we have always done volunteering, so I just stuck with it,” Maliyah said.

Maliyah has logged close to 524 hours of community service since she started in the summer, helping in different parts of the city. She says helping your community doesn’t have to be a huge project.

“If you pick up a piece of trash, it can help in so many ways as well, cause that’s one piece of trash off the ground,” Maliyah said.

Friends and family say her passion for helping others is just the start of what makes Maliyah so magnificent.

“First and foremost, not only more than her volunteer work, she is an honor student, which to me is amazing with all she does, she does so many other extracurricular — she is a fabulous dancer,” said Dene Van Winkle, a family friend.

Maliyah is also one of the youngest members to ever be inducted into the Kiwanis Club.

“I was joking around about being a Kiwanian and after a while, I was kind of serious about it and they took that and after a while put it in a meeting, voted on it and I became a Kiwanian,” Maliyah said.

Maliyah hopes to inspire people her age to get out and give back.

“I really want the younger people to come help volunteer and not just sit on their phone and lay in bed and be stuck in a house. I want them to actually be able to go out and help their community,” Maliyah said.

Maliyah hopes to take her volunteer work across the state and one day compete in the Miss USA pageant.