FARMINGTON, N.M. (KRQE) – People that live along Dustin Ave. in Farmington are still in disbelief after an 18-year-old fired shots from at least three weapons including an “AR-style rifle,” Monday morning. Three people were killed and the shooter was also shot and killed by police. At least six others were wounded, including the two police officers.

Neighbors are still in disbelief and wondering how this could have happened in their neighborhood. “We had left. I had to go to the insurance company and so we left probably about, I say five minutes till 11 a.m.,” said Ramona Moreno. “My neighbor, he said, ‘My god Ramona,’ he said, ‘If you would have waited five seconds to drive out of your driveway, you probably would have been the first ones shot, you and your husband, in the truck.'”

During Tuesday’s news conference, the Farmington Police Department released the names of the three women who died; Shirley Voita, 79, Melody Ivie, 73, and Gwendolyn Schofield, 97.

Residents in the neighborhood described Monday’s scene. “We heard the shots and then my neighbor took a look down the street and said ‘Get inside. He’s coming.’ And we all ran inside the house and barricaded ourselves in, locked the doors,” said Keegan Burns.

KRQE also obtained a video from a resident that shows Beau Wilson, the shooter, walking through the neighborhood with guns in both hands. Moments after he walks off-screen and is confronted by police.

Police say Wilson walked a quarter of a mile through the neighborhood randomly shooting at six homes and three cars. Police also say more than 150 bullet casings were found on the scene from police and Wilson.

Another woman living in the area says her dogs were barking outside so she went to the door to see what was happening. “So I went outside to see what was going on and then I just heard multiple rounds start going off,” said Lacy Walraven. “I was scared, sad, confused. I didn’t know what was going on.”

Farmington Mayor Nathan Duckett announced that there will be a vigil held Wednesday, May 17, at 6 p.m. at the Farmington Museum for all who wish the pay their respects.