LORDSBURG, N.M. (KRQE) – New Mexico is honoring the State Police officer killed in the line of duty in Luna County. Police say Darian Jarrott was helping Homeland Security with an investigation when he pulled over a man on I-10 Thursday and was shot. Officer Jarrott’s death is now impacting his small hometown of Lordsburg.

Jarrott, 28, grew up in Lordsburg, he died in the line of duty in Luna County. Louis Baisa was his football coach for all four years of high school. “He was an absolute teammate. He was an absolute leader,” Baisa said. A leader, Baisa is honoring with a flag in his driveway. “I think the biggest compliment I can give to anybody who plays for me is, he could play on any of my 27 football teams. That’s how good he was,” Baisa said.

From his school to local first responders, Officer Jarrott is being honored throughout the town. Maureen Thornock owns the restaurant Jarrott worked at as a teenager. His father still works there today. “He was funny. He had his little rebellious, little things that teenagers do. He was a good worker; Very responsible for his age; Sense of humor,” Thornock said.

The kind of person, people say, always had a smile on his face. “We’re proud. Our love and our thoughts go out to their family and to their children. And hopefully, he will always be remembered for the sacrifices he made,” Thornock said.

Lt. Governor Howie Morales, who is from the area and knows the Jarrott family personally, visited with the family on Friday. “No words that I could ever say, nothing I could ever do, can take away the pain that they’re experiencing. But they’re grateful that there’s been so much outpouring of support,” he told KRQE.

Baisa is honoring Officer Jarrott with a flag in his driveway. He remembers Officer Jarrott as a leader on his team and in life. “He was the ultimate teammate and I’m sure that, if that’s how he did his job as a state policeman, then they had the best,” he said.

Officer Jarrott leaves behind three young children and a fourth one on the way. More than 170 people have donated through a GoFundMe for Officer Jarrott’s family. It’s raised more than $17,000.