HOBBS, N.M. (KRQE) – A southeast New Mexico town is trying to crack down on large trucks parking on the side of the road. Officials said it causes danger for other drivers.

“This ordinance is only to improve the safety and the health of all residents and visitors of Hobbs,” said Meghan Mooney.

It seems to be a growing problem in Hobbs, New Mexico, with travelers coming to and from neighboring Texas.

“We are a gateway city, but we even have the issue with residents in this area, and it’s just because out of ease, I think, and convenience.”

Semis, trailers, and other large trucks are found on the side of the road causing issues for drivers.

“While we greatly appreciate the time, hard work, and commitment of all of our heavy truck drivers and haulers in this community, we also want to ensure the safety of all in the community.”

The City of Hobbs has drafted a new ordinance. It would prohibit the parking of these large vehicles and trailers, on the side of the road in the city.

A similar ordinance was originally planned in 2019 but due to the wording it never passed. The city is planning on setting up fines for violations and if the violations continue, the truck will be towed. This time it has been cleaned up and other municipalities have passed similar ordinances.

The ordinance does lay out how trucks can park based on their class, and trailers being parked on a residential street won’t slide.

“No one can pull up, drop off a trailer on the side of the street and leave it unhinged. It’s already covered in a separate ordinance, but this ordinance does address that reference side as well.”

The City of Hobbs is expected to hear this ordinance tomorrow in the city commission meeting at 6 p.m.