HOBBS, N.M. (KRQE) – A mixed-breed Chihuahua puppy named Phew was hospitalized after being beaten and sustaining third-degree burns. Hobbs police are trying to find out who’s responsible.

Brandy Ellison is the owner of Amazing Grace Pet Rescue. She said, on March 26, she was bombarded with Facebook messages from community members about a puppy that had been burned. They were asking if she could help him out, and as it turned out, one of those messages was from the owner of the dog.

Ellison took over responsibility for Phew’s care, and he’s now on antibiotics and pain medication.

“We’re cleaning him every day, and it’s painful, even with pain medication, and we have heavy medication on him, but it’s still painful,” said Dr. John Kuitu with Great Plains Veterinary Clinic and Hospital.

According to a report, the dog had been beaten and set on fire before jumping out of a window. The owner said she didn’t know how it happened but told investigators her boyfriend had been left with the dog.

“He was completely traumatized. When they walked up with him, they were holding him, and he was just very still. As soon as I went up to take him from them, he started screaming,” said Ellison.

Investigators are trying to track down the original owner’s boyfriend and figure out how the dog ended up badly hurt. Meanwhile, Phew has a long road to recovery.

“It does look like he’s going to lose one of his ears. It’s gotten kinda folded up, and the skin is all coming off. He has skin coming off under his neck [and] all around his eyes. One of [his] eyes were burned,” said Ellison.

The rescue team and the vet clinic said, in addition to treating Phew, they are giving him lots of love. They said it will take time for him to overcome the trauma.

Once Phew heals from his burns, he’ll be flying to Colorado. Once he’s there, he’ll meet his new family and continue his treatment.

If you would like to help pay for Phew’s treatment, you can call Great Plains Veterinary Clinic and Hospital at 575-392-5513.