HOBBS, N.M. (KRQE) – A New Mexico father says a day out at a golf course ended with a broken nose and a traumatized toddler all because a group of drunk people were behaving badly. Police were called, but months later, no charges have been filed.

“I have no problem standing up and calling them out. However, what I will not tolerate is groups such as these people harassing and intimidating women and children. Especially my wife and children,” said Landon Stallings, the man speaking out.

Husband and father Landon Stallings spoke up at a Hobbs City Commission meeting on July 18. He hoped they would take action against a group of people who caused a traumatizing situation two months ago.

“On May 21st of this year, I was jumped by a group of 4 men and a woman at Rockwind Community Links. That resulted in a broken nose and an ear contusion. This may sound bad. But it’s not the bad part of the story. The worst part of this story is all of this happened with my two-year-old daughter by my side,” Stallings said at the meeting.

Stallings says he was golfing with plans to meet his family at the Rockwind Grill for Dinner. But before finishing his round of golf, he got a panicked text from his wife. “My wife had texted me saying there is a group of people who were acting very drunk and disorderly and aggressive around her and our two young children. She was really uncomfortable and wanted to leave.”

Stallings says he headed to the grill and asked the group to move away from his family if they were going to continue what he called aggressive and vulgar behavior. “As soon as they approached my family, I put up my arms to create distance between them and my daughter. As soon as I did this, the group began punching and pushing me to the ground.”

Stallings says he was able to get away from the group and get his family to safety. Hobbs police officers responded and took statements from both sides. However, officers told the Stallings family there was not much they could do since they did not see what happened.

Stallings was told all he could do was pick up a police report. But Stallings says there were issues with the report. “There is several issues I have with the report. Mainly in that the main witness statement that the officer used was one of the men that was in the party that attacked me,” said Stallings.

He says the report also did not mention that he had to go to the hospital due to injuries. Stallings asked if this could be corrected and says they sent him new reports that removed the witness statement. Stallings doesn’t think that’s enough especially given the impact the attack has had on his family.

“Blood dries. Bones heal with time. What doesn’t heal is a little girl who won’t go to the golf course with me because she’s scared that bad men are there.”

The City Manager Manny Gomez told KRQE News 13 that the case is being evaluated. The Hobbs city attorney has met with Stallings and told him they are doing everything they can to address this issue.