HOBBS, N.M. (KRQE) – Dedication and hard work. Those are the two major components that go into successful bodybuilding competitions. One man from Hobbs is now putting those skills to the test as he gets ready to compete at the World Fitness Championship in Berlin.

Herbert Hochmayer has dedicated most of his life to the world of bodybuilding. It all started when his older brought home a bodybuilding magazine. After years of training, he still remembers his first competition in his home country of Austria like it was yesterday. “Was just overwhelming at 18 you look around you have all the season competitors they just look like monsters,” said Hochmayer.

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Over the summer he competed in Mexico, in what he thought would be his last international competition. He ended up taking second place in his category.

Hochmayer says getting to that particular competition was no simple task as it came with a number of setbacks. “I had shoulder surgery in 2019. I had a small stroke from that,” said Hochmayer. “In March of 2022 kinda at the end of long COVID, I fell down the stairs and tore my biceps.”

It’s his desire of wanting to go out on top, which is why he’s getting ready to take part in the largest international bodybuilding competition.

Hochmayer will be flying out to Berlin on October 31 with the competition taking place on November 5.